Sensory Gardens

About Sensory Garderns

Sensory landscaping is a comprehensive approach that engages all senses to craft an immersive outdoor environment, using plants, textures, colours, and scents. It incorporates seating areas, pathways, and features to encourage interaction, resulting in a beautiful and enjoyable space that enhances well-being. Our expertise in suitable plantings and sourcing garden accessories has gained recognition in the North West.

Why Us?

We plan, build and plant sensory gardens which are suitable for retirement and care homes, health centres, schools, and playgrounds, enhancing the environment and improving the well-being of users.

We are experienced in the selection of plants and shrubs that stimulate the senses and planning zones and building structures that help to educate or recuperate, depending on the brief.

We pride ourselves on understanding what’s needed from a sensory garden, sourcing and including all the small touches and sometimes the major structures that make the difference to ensure that the users feel at home and that the outdoor space reflects memories and experiences.

Why not visit our sister company?

Visit our sister company for the latest trends and beautifully functional pots that create those perfect areas around the garden – whether it’s for butterflies and wildlife, privacy or sheer elegance. Our statement pieces will enhance and define your style and garden practicality.