Commercial Landscaping

Our commercial landscaping involves the careful planning , design, and maintenance of outdoor spaces in commercial settings such as offices, shopping centres, memorial parks, care homes and public spaces. A well - designed landscape can enhance the visual appeal of a property and provide a welcoming environment for employees, customers, and visitors. Sensory elements such as fragrant flowers, soothing water features, textured foliage and trees can be incorporated in to the design to create a multi – sensory experience.

The installation process involves careful consideration of factors such as walk ways, seating, drainage, environment practicalities and sunlight exposure.

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep the land scape healthy and vibrant, which may include watering, pruning, fertilising, and pest control. Overall, commercial landscaping is an important investment for businesses to create a pleasant and inviting outdoor environment that can attract customers, improve employee morale, and promote sustainability.

We work with regional care homes, local councils and developers ensuring that our fully Project Managed installations arrive on time and on budget.

commercial landscaping

commercial landscaping environment

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