How to prepare a planter for planting

 Preparing a new pot for Summer.

  • Always ensure your pot is clean and free of dirt or old compost .
  • Cover the holes in the base with crock/ stones to assist with drainage.
  • Water plants well before planting( I stand mine in a large tub or bucket for twenty minutes to ensure maximum soak).
  • Before you start to plant, consider how you want your planter to look. Do you want a structured, formal or informal look ?
  • Select a moisture retentive free draining compost and add a slow – release fertiliser.
  • Position the plants in the pot gently teasing the roots into position.
  • Trailing plants should always be put at the front of the planter to soften the edges of the pot.
  • Add more compost to the pot and firmly press down until the level of the compost is between 2 and 5 cm below the rim of the pot.
  • This gap allows for watering and top dressing (mulch or decorative slate).


“Your planter is now ready for Summer”