Gardening jobs for July

Lawn Treatment

  • As long as there is no drought, it is important to feed your lawn. Feed with
  • Raise the blades on your mower. This helps to increase the moisture content in the lawn.
  • If your lawn turns brown, don’t panic as soon as the rain returns ( which sadly it will!) it will flourish.

  Plants and shrubs

  • Dead- head bedding plants to maintain continuous flowering.
  • Water pots and new plants. Plants in containers should be watered at least once a day in warm weather.
  • Order new Spring catalogues for  spring flowering bulbs.
  • Prune June flowering shrubs.
  • Tackle perennial weeds.
  • Fill gaps in borders with annuals.

  Miscellaneous Jobs

  • Keep your pond topped up with water.
  • Refill the birdbath daily.
  • Turn your compost regularly.

If you want to be happy for a lifetime, plant a garden