Corten Steel

What is Corten steel and what can it be used for?

Corten steel has many uses in garden and landscape design. Also known as weathering steel, the material was developed to form a protective rust like appearance after prolonged exposure to weather.

The trademarked name Cor-ten Steel refers to the two distinguishing properties of the metal: corrosive resistance and tensile strength – COR-TEN. Originally developed to build highly durable, low maintenance freight trains carriages in 1930’s America, modern uses include stunning architectural cladding and stylish landscaping features.

Benefits of Corten Steel

The biggest benefit of using weathering steel outdoors for features such as planters or architectural screens is that the material does not require painting or weather proofing and will become incredibly durable over time. That means no ongoing maintenance.

Corten steel is brilliantly versatile and has been widely used in building, creating large-scale sculptures and architectural features since the 1960’s. In a modern domestic setting, weathered steel is ideal for use as walls, panels, dividers, fire pits, wood burners, water features and planters large and small.

Weathering Process

Once placed outside the weathering process will begin. The colours will vary as the reaction of the steel takes place, eventually producing an orange/rustic brown patina. This process takes several months and the corten steel has a reactive patina period from 3 to 4 months depending on location and climate. The appearance will change over time and the tone and surface texture will also depend on the environment and how much exposure it has to the elements.

During the weathering process the corten steel produces carbon run off or staining to adjacent materials such as stone or concrete. To reduce this possible staining, all our corten steel products are supplied with small feet, lifting the product and preventing direct contact with the flooring material. After the initial reactive period corten steel will cure and self-seal with little to no carbon runoff.

Our corten steel planters are usually delivered in an un-weathered or partly weathered condition but for specialist projects such as interiors (where the weathering cannot take place) or where run off might damage existing surfaces, we can provide pre-weathered products.

Corten Steel Range

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Note: The weathering process of corten steel is integral to this product and may cause run off as the reaction takes place on the metal. Precuations should be taken to protect surfaces that may be damaged during the weathering process. We cannot not accept any responsibility for damage caused to surrounding materials as a result of carbon run off from corten steel products.

Corten Steel is an ideal material for landscaping due to its durability and appearance. Take a look at the wide range of Corten Steel products Enscape have supplied to customers.

– Large Planters
– Water Features
– Architectural Screens
– House Signs
– Memorial Plaques
– Corten Steel Troughs

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