Memorial Garden – Lime Hub


Location: Liverpool, Merseyside

Memorial Gardens are a calm, reflective space to spend time in peace and contemplation. Many community centres and local hubs use memorial gardens to establish a space for people to remember those who have passed on.

Working with the Lime Hub team in Liverpool, we regenerated a redundant plot of land into a safe, pleasant environment for service users as a memorial garden.

Our scope of works at Lime Hub Liverpool included a new perimeter fence to create a safe and pleasant environment for the service users, and redefining the space with extensive hard landscaping including paving and creating sensory planting beds.

The scheme was designed using corten steel elements including raised beds and a bespoke large scale corten steel panel with the message “In Memory” inscribed. This stunning feature created a focal point for the garden and the pre-weathered finish added texture and colour that was in keeping with the rest of the planting

Raised beds are an ideal feature in a sensory garden, allowing visitors to experience the plants from an elevated level. Raised and container planting schemes are also very good for spaces used by people with disabilities or limited mobility as they help to promote access and allow hands-on experiences.

We sourced and installed benches to give a pleasant seating area to enjoy the gardens. Seating is important in any garden design, but especially so in memorial gardens as it encourages visitors to pause and reflect.

Enscape are landscape design experts. With a wide range of clients including schools, health centres and business parks, the team are an authority in sensory gardens and creative planting and also supply the large scale planters and water features that are required for these specialist locations.